About Us

We are Perfectly Thick. An ever expanding and inclusive community for people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle and just happen to be of varying shapes and sizes. We aren’t social media models, but we are socially conscious. We may not all be runway ready, but we are all real life ready.  Our bodies may not be like yours, but we love it, own it an aren’t afraid to celebrate it.  We bring you the latest news, events, and issues that are in tune with your Perfectly Thick lifestyle.  

Bob Marley was once asked if the perfect woman existed, and he replied:

“Who cares about perfection? The moon isn’t perfect either, it’s full of craters… 

What about the sea? It’s too salty and dark in the deep.

The sky? Always so infinite, meaning the most beautiful things are not perfect. 

They are special, just as every woman and man. Every person chooses who is “special” in their life.

Stop wanting to be “perfect,” try being free and living and doing what you like, without wanting to be like others.”